5956 MP Flexible Primer Aerosol for Metal & Plastic Gray

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This product replaces (supersedes):
5908 Multi-Fill Flexible Primer Gray Aerosol

5 STAR XTREME MP FLEXIBLE PRIMER is a specialty aerosol primer designed for use on metal and plastic parts. This primer helps prevent corrosion by sealing out moisture and provides an excellent base for topcoat application on the majority of metal substrates. Additionally, MP Flexible Primer has excellent flexibility and adhesive properties which enables priming of flexible and rigid plastics. MP Flexible Primer is fast drying, provides great film build and coverage while exhibiting ease of sanding. Compatible with virtually all automotive substrates.


  • No Clean Up!
  • Comfort Tip Eases Finger Fatigue


5956 MP Flexible Primer Aerosol for Metal & Plastic - Gray 20oz

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