3530 Premium Adhesion Promoter Aerosol

This product replaces (supersedes):
5961 Adhesion Promoter Aerosol

An all-purpose clear primer that improves adhesion of enamel and lacquer topcoats to nearly any surface, including most plastics and chrome. It is fast drying and provides superior adhesion on all flexible and rigid plastic parts. Features a spray-head for spray gun-like application. Topcoat after 10 mins. Before 30 mins for maximum adhesion.

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Suggested Uses:

  • Glass/Chrome/Ceramic/Tile
  • Vinyl/Bumpers/Fiberglass/Aluminum
  • Polypropylene/Polycarbonate/Molded Trim Pieces


3530 Premium Adhesion Promoter Aerosol - 15oz.

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