8704 PREMIUM Single Stage - Fleet White

This product replaces (supersedes):
8004 Single Stage - Fleet White

5 STAR ADVANTAGE Autobody Products® PREMIUM Acrylic Urethane 2.8 VOC Single Stage Colors are high solids, high gloss, low VOC coatings intended for use as PREMIUM protective maintenance on automotive and industrial applications, surfaces exposed to humidity, everyday weathering, dangerous chemicals, stone chips and corrosive elements such as harmful UV exposure. Designed to deliver tough exterior durability needed to protect your vehicles & equipment. Manufactured with only the highest quality materials to always provide long lasting beautiful color.


8704-1 PREMIUM Single Stage High Solids Topcoat - Fleet White 2.8 VOC (3:1) - .75 Gallon - 4/case
8704-4 PREMIUM Single Stage High Solids Topcoat - Fleet White 2.8 VOC (3:1) - .75 Quart - 6/case

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