5170 Flat Finish Klearkote 2.1 VOC

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XTREME “FLAT FINISH”KLEAR is a matte finish clearcoat designed to offer that very popular Old School, no gloss look when used over any color basecoat paint, while offering the UV protection and durability of a standard clearcoat finish.

Hardeners for temps above 60˚F thru 75˚F (or small panels)
#5182-04 Original Hardener - Medium (2.1 VOC), Quart
#5182-16 Original Hardener - Medium (2.1 VOC), Half-Pint

Hardeners for temps above 75˚F (or large panels)
#5184-04 Original Hardener - Extra Slow (2.1 VOC), Quart
#5184-16 Original Hardener - Extra Slow (2.1 VOC), Half-Pint


5170-1 Flat Finish Klearkote 2.1 VOC - Gallon
5170-4 Flat Finish Klearkote 2.1 VOC - Quart

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